Brand History


founded Yimin group in Taiwan, engaged in footwear import and export trade.In 1984,creating fed brand in Taiwan market .


he set up a factory in Jiaxing, China.


he established the Fed brand in the Chinese market.


the brand diversified development, to create different age groups of B. silly women's shoes brand.In 2006, Pura Bianca, a Japanese brand, was successfully introduced to China.


we invested a lot of efforts to establish an international and professional marketing team and an internationaldesigner team,so as to create an international standard fed brand, expand a broader market, and make the enterprise movetowards the international development direction.

Internationalization,high standard


L.MTechnology(Danmark)Co., Ltd., an international fashion group, invests in and controls the Fed brand.Withscientific management and keen market grasp,it integrates noble and elegant,fashionable and romantic design with advancedscience and technology and exquisite handmade.It endows its brand with a new concept of fashionable women's shoes andmakes more room for its development in the international and domestic markets.

1974年,在台湾创建宜民集团,从事鞋类进出品贸易。1984年,在台湾市场创建FED品牌。1993年在中国嘉兴设厂。1997年,在中国市场创建FED品牌。2003年,品牌多样化发展,创建不同年龄层的B.SILLY女鞋品牌。2006年,成功引进日系品牌Pura Bianca 登陆中国。2012年,投入大力量组建国际化、专业化的行销团队和国际设计团队,为打造国际水准的FED品牌拓展更广阔的市场,使企业迈向国际化发展方向。2019年,国际时尚集团L.M TECHNOLOGY(DANMARK)CO.,LTD投资控股FED品牌,凭借科学化的管理和敏锐的市场把握,将高贵典雅、时尚浪漫的设计与先进的技术配以精湛的手工制作融为一体,为旗下品牌赋予全新的时尚女鞋概念,为品牌在国际和国内市场取得更大发展空间。